Soft Touch Kitchen Bin, 40 litres


This space-saving bin with its ingenious flat-backed design is a great asset to any kitchen. Its ‘Soft-Touch’ opening offers unrivalled comfort, and with its removable plastic inner bucket, it’s easier to clean than ever.Product details: •  ‘Soft touch’ open and close. •  Space saving: Flat at the back, for a perfect fit against walls. •  Detachable plastic inner bucket with ventilation holes to prevent aspiration of the full bag when removed. •  Solid handle for easy transporting. •  Protective plastic base to prevent ground damage. •  Removable lid made of stainless steel. •  Easy to replace binbags.Dimensions: L43.5 x H72.5 x D30.5 cm.Weight: 5.08kg.

Colour: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: ONE SIZE