Renzo Round Tufted Cotton Rug, Small Version


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Renzo round tufted cotton rug. Whether you put it in the hallway, lounge, child’s bedroom or bathroom, this rug looks great anywhere !We love this rug for its soft, cosy feel and choice of plain colours that make it striking and modern or simple and calming…Product details: •  Renzo cotton tufted rug •  3500g/m² •  Pile Height: from 1.5 to 2 cm •  Cotton rugs pill naturally during the first few months. This is not a manufacturing fault. This phenomenon will usually disappear after vacuuming once or twice (always vacuum in the direction of the pile, never in the opposite direction)See the matching bedside rug, matching rugs and the rest of the rug collection online. Sizes available: •  Diameter: 70cm

Colour: charcoal grey;Dark Blue;Teal;Mustard;White;sea green

Dimensions: DIAMETER 70CM