Light-Up Freestanding Mirror, BS 49


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For makeup or beauty, Beurer has designed the BS 49 light-up mirror that is adjustable and which magnifies up to 5 times! It is THE essential mirror for all beauty fans!A VERY PRACTICAL MIRRORThe Beurer BS 49 illuminated cosmetic mirror is a must-have for any bathroom or women’s dressing table. Adjustable, it is very practical. Indeed, the mirror tilts manually to adjust perfectly to the face. Magnifying up to 5 times, it is very practical for waxing the face or visualizing even better each and every pore. It can also be used in normal mirror, without magnifying effect.With a diameter of about 11 cm, the mirror allows you to have a full overview of the face, ideal for putting on makeup. Illuminated with clear LED lights, the mirror comes in handy when the beauty corner does not have sufficient lighting. To activate the lights, the mirror has a button located on the side, within easy reach.AN ELEGANT DESIGNWith its high quality chrome finishes, the mirror is design, elegant and very discreet.. Lightweight, it weighs only 450 grams to be able to move it easily . Ideal on a dressing table or in the bathroom to put on makeup at any time!Operating with 3 included 1.5V AA batteries, the mirror consumes little power and can also be used as a simple mirror, without having to turn it on. Its dimensions of 17.5 x 19 x 10 cm make it compact and thanks to its thick base it offers perfect support on any support, in glass, wood or any other material.

Colour: White

Dimensions: ONE SIZE