Grandfather KOK-Style Natural Rattan Garden Sofa


The Grandfather KOK-style rattan sofa. Lightweight, robust and natural, the Grandfather sofa loves to travel: from the veranda to the living room, or as a bench in the garden, it showcases a country style and a charming look.Description : •  Handwoven herringbone motif •  Woven diamond motifs on the back •  Curved seat for softness and comfort •  To protect your garden furniture, refer to the recommendations supplied with the productDetails: •  Non-barked rattan frame •  A light coating of varnish is applied to woven rattan to protect it from dust whilst allowing the natural fibre to breathe •  Armrests woven with natural rattan threadsSee the full garden collection online.Quality:This product is made from rattan with a rattan core. The following care instructions should be followed to protect your furniture : •  Avoid placing rattan furniture next to a heat source as it could cause the material to dry out and split •  You may use this furniture outside in summer provided you protect it from the elements •  This product can be installed on a terrace, in a veranda, a winter garden or the balcony, if it is protected from bad weather and wind.. Avoid leaving the product on wet grass or ground to avoid moisture penetrating the legsDimensions :Total: •  Width: 110cm •  Height: 83cm •  Depth: 61cm •  Seat: L96 x H46 x D42 cm •  Armrest height: 64cm •  Weight: 6kgHome Delivery:Sold pre-assembled. It will be delivered to your door!Note! Please check that all access points are large enough to accommodate your delivery (doors, stairs, lifts)..Dimensions and weight of parcel: •  L112 x H85 x D64 cm •  7.2 kg

Colour: Natural

Dimensions: ONE SIZE